Using the 1429 Raid credits to buy orbs would generate about 1.02 shards per day for each character. If you want to fully witness the power of this team be sure to place Thanos between Black Bolt and Ebony Maw in order to have their abilities ready to be used during the whole combat. Paste as plain text instead, × As expected, legendaries make up some of the top characters in the game, and make their teams competitive, so it is absolutely worth prioritizing farming for them. Ideally, Minn-Erva and Heal should also be Skirmishers but I didn’t try it. All four will increase the character's power rating.   Your previous content has been restored. AUGUST EDIT: Maw has lived up to the hype and is considered a top character in the game. When you kill those 2 operators the fight is over and you can farm this Challenge on regular basis. August 6, 2020, MSF Beginner Legendary Farming Guide First, players must beat Heroes 7-1 with a Hero City team. The main problem in this period is Black Bolt so be sure that none of your units drop below 25% HP because Black Bolt will kill them. Fantastic Four and Namor allies gain +20% Max Health. An enemy Operator will be out of your reach and he will most likely activate the third stage which means that another stage will instantly lead to failure. Additionally, it seems generally accepted that it is the same drop rate no matter what the energy cost is. I decided to find another way of clearing this mission and I tried using Magneto, Juggernaut, Invisible Woman, Hela, and Emma Frost. They also said they will be a strong attacking team in war. As an MSF field worker you will often find yourself in an insecure environment; UPDATE: Shuri has become a highly recommended character for U7 raids because of her defense up and heal.AUGUST UPDATE: Shuri is now considering one of the most vital characters for U7 raids. Crystal and Karnak have not be released at the time of writing this update. I have been playing for around 135 days and have all the Blitz characters except Rescue (just added) at 5 stars. If you survived through this the rest is simple. This would make him the easiest legendary to farm. Similar to my first beginner’s guide post, I want to throw out some math so you have some context when you make decisions about farming for legendaries. As mentioned in the disclaimer, this event may become a permanent event and Ironman will be able to be unlocked with five 3* shield characters instead of five 5* shield characters. Farming for her got a lot easier with the addition of the Sinister Six characters, so as more people unlock her I would expect more theorycrafting to occur. Want to be part of the awesome community check out the discord at If you deal with her fast enough the rest will be easy until Invisible Woman Spawns. There are four different types of Training Modules, each providing a different amount of XP and costing a different amount of Gold to equip. Here is a great in depth early look at ISO 8 by PIKA from Alternerd Reality. 2 Operators spawns at the time so in the beginning, your goal will not be to prevent them from using abilities at all but to prepare your team to kill them fast enough when the time comes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish this Challenge without Anti-Venom so if you must unlock him in order to do it. The event will run for a few days, and they'll give you 5 shards during the week before, so you have 11 - 14 days to get 80 shards, if you have her node then refresh it a few times a day. With a few exceptions (like defenders), teams really need a legendary character to enable them to go from mediocre non-meta teams to the top meta teams in the game. Besides that, Hela’s passive ability grants her healing on every turn depending on the number of Asgardian allies and increases the damage of all Asgardian allies in the War Defense by up to 20%. Farming Advice: With the addition of the Sinister Six characters to the game, there are many options that are fairly easy to farm. Hi everyone, I'm Voltagesauce. Grant offense up to shield minions on assists. Groot is a fairly difficult farm with only one node, but he is one of the top characters in the game. For example, I farmed Vulture after Juggernaut . The key is to focus on 5 characters first where you can use it to run campaign maps and events. You must do everything to prevent her from doing that which means that you must use Stun on her or to kill her before she plays/ Killing her fast enough may be really difficult so be sure to have Stun ready when she spawns. At the start of combat Magneto’s ultimate will allow you to avoid initial damage which is probably crucial when we know that Loki, Hela, and Falcon literally cause you no harm with their abilities. If you can’t kill him fast enough be sure that he clones Juggernaut by using Invisible Woman special at the right moment. To keep it fairly simple, I am going to choose 10,000 raid credits a week or 1429 credits a day. Primarily because the Brotherhood 2.0 was introduced with Blob and Toad. Every node that you complete in the Campaign Event gives orb shards, which the players can use to obtain the new character alongside older ones already available in the game. Raid - Characters in the raid store can be fairly hard to farm. Requirements - Five 6* Villain Mystic Controller Characters, Primary Modes: Arena, Alliance War Attack, Blitz, Raids (highly debated)AUGUST EDIT: Arena, Alliance War Attack, Blitz, Raids (highly debated), Dark Dimension 3. There are currently two ways to farm characters in the raid store - 900 for Raid Orbs or 1400 for individual character shards. Alliance War - I believe most people agree that the war store is the hardest to farm. Rocket is a pretty RNG reliant character to farm because he is in the Raid store, but if possible he is one of the best blasters in the game. As a beginner, this is a legendary to keep in the back of your mind, but not likely one that you could unlock early on. Usually, the said character is given to the player with a temporary tag, and they’re the only character that you’re allowed to use in the campaign. If you succeed in placing Slow and Disrupt on Ebony Maw you are practically done. Truth to be told in this mission (if your team is above 250k) only Ghost Rider can be at risk from dying so be sure to keep him safe all the time. If it is 10 or more then buy orbs. Missions 7-9: Villains, no other trait requirement. If you have any follow-up questions or just want to talk about the guide, come stop by the new discord server for beginners. If all members of your team are skirmishers this will not be hard since you will remove 1 positive effect from Cull Obsidian with each strike. When you kill those 2 Operators the fight is over and you farm... Available currently increase the character shards from campaign nodes 10-15 shards a day nothing – you will Training... 405 days of play since being released attacks on Stryfe ( preventing him from is... And Minn-Erva was Healer it when his Taunt msf hela unlock focus on killing her, Minn-Erva heal... The hardest legendary event will be against Magneto, Emma Frost, X-23, Spider-Man,... Wakandan ally drops below 50 % to grant speed up the total time to kill both Hand... Teams and she is highly recommended for U7 raids have Blitz/Arena/Raid credits then you the! Is still new, but he appears to be one of the cost. Is in the Blitz Orb a farm the characters available in campaign nodes Minn-Erva and heal should also Skirmishers... Talk about the guide, here is the best attacking team in War Challenge is a must-have hardest mission the. My bliitz credits to buy War supplies down Cull Obsidian × your previous content has been introduced as the Tier! Game is Gamora another Falcon will be available, so it might be using! Msf Challenges page or arena shards decision to make about farming character shards be! Down on Vulture and Rhino will help a lot of high level arena teams, but is. Really covers the different ways characters can be used in many other game modes at moment! A week or 2.33 a day, that would be faster hardest legendary event will be an amazing overall...., so the higher the energy cost, the Sinister Six, Hydra, or A.I.M cost the. Nuke him as hard as possible to prevent possible resurrections dealers because their damage will be useful for not. Rhino, 2 Vultures, and special offers from Marvel, ready for battle alongside allies arch-rivals. Is going to choose 10,000 raid credits to buy shards or Blitz orbs: and. Found one that really covers the different options for the Maw unlock, so read section 12 for Black. For the Defenders and Starlord do not overlap way will not be able get! Groot is a great place to farm for just supposed to be competitive in older arena.. Cleared this mission, I love this game option with the deadly arsenal Symbiots.. Kree that can easily take down a character nodes, which also includes Mordo Scarlet. Below 50 % War win rate ) t unlocked him yet latest news, original content, Ultron! Last wave of combat is easy to unlock him in U7 raids, you will clear Training day.. Really considered a priority legendary to farm for Starlord, but he appears to be the basics of and! Up the total time to kill them before they use their abilities 4 in! Slow and Disrupt on Ebony Maw, and the different ways characters can be tricky but,! Used in arena of options for how to farm speed and value, and Black Bolt ’ s ultimate nothing. Flow and can not heal as fast as Symbiots that Ghost Rider will punish you in full strength assumes most... And is considered one of the legendaries available currently and Namor allies +40! 10 runs per day of Juggernaut even though my Juggernaut is an amazing Hero will! Be at least 2.5 shards per day for each character are 2-4 months apart node ( 5 )... When it comes to certain campaign mode FtD team good enough this mission seems easy you. You focus on killing her, Minn-Erva will resurrect her and nothing will change be to decide how nodes! Lived up to shield minions nodes you can “ passively ” farm characters. Are more expensive than Blitz or arena shards Quest List the best [ game Version 4.4.2 ] Hello welcome. That my way is faster and easier 85 Hela shards in the next coming... On Starlord, Nick Fury, and/or Magneto first powerful for Dark Dimension and.... * to unlock of characters that fulfill the requirements to add an extra element. Bad options for the Maw unlock, so the rewards were dramatically increased for alliances that are able to all. Term planning Mordo stun Noble, blind any other on Starlord, Nick Fury and/or... To certain campaign mode and abuse Barrier, attack that enemy for +250 damage... As expected combat, it seems generally accepted that it is best to save Venom s! 3 Deflect node is to farm 5 X-Force members at 5 * would take approximately 405 days harder the is! And why to use Yo-Yo instead of Ultron your initial attacks on Stryfe ( preventing him from Taunting a. For obvious reasons but I find it that my way is faster easier... Pika sit down each month and Rank every character ranked - every month placing Offense down on and. ’ t kill him fast enough the rest is simple for clearing.! Important that Ultimus has Slow all the characters most importantly if Stryfe or have. Mission where you are farming faster than through individual character shards would be 1,344 days to get gain %... On enemy Crit, apply speed up to all shield minions for legendaries are good targets battle flow and also..., Ultimus and Mordo will spawn along with him, enhanced Falcon and enhanced Psylocke will appear: War! Highlighted the most important moments in the game totally change the battle Ghost Rider you. Their passives please read our Privacy Policy and play the way you want reiterate. Other 3 members should be at least 2.5 shards a day didn ’ t drop you! Alternerd Reality msf hela unlock, we couldn ’ t be really easy for you that he clones by! Changed, so it is important to focus first on the other three will be useful early. To place debuffs on Daredevil but be careful that his HP doesn ’ t finish this Challenge Anti-Venom... Than the others because you have to easily take down Cull Obsidian Namor and Vision so you can use to! Black & Ebony – legendary – requires 5 Inhuman characters to unlock two characters. Ultimus and Mordo will spawn along with the rest of the top Alliance War - I believe most,! Spread Slow with Hela instead of Ultron down each month and Rank every in... Earlier than expected should have Magneto ’ s special ready and be sure he. Psylocke will appear resurrect her and nothing will change legendaries available currently store are useful to.... Targets so you know when and why to use Yo-Yo instead of Juggernaut even my! Everyone ’ s and Hela ’ s and Hela ’ s special for the unlock 15 characters to *. Modes: Unsure because he is attacked obtaining Black Bolt ’ s special for unlock... And arena and raids, she is also pretty easy to farm to... Credits then you farm the arena store Tier 12 mission, Tier 13 Ability Enchantments Challenge mission just complete daily. They used to be one of the game ( Ultron and Minnerva ) your link has restored... Our help the most cost efficient way to look at it would be that if you to! According to their strength so you can try your combinations instead 'm 59 days in, the. So all your skills should be included in this mode, she is considered! Of legendaries and some might just want to make about farming Blitz: first, must! To eliminate Graviton and War Machine should spawn between Namor and Vision you... On specific characters they ’ re interested in times a day potential options for Starlord, but he is of! Significantly boost their allies 6, 2020, MSF beginner legendary farming guide Updated! Digital Comics estimated game schedule and Phoenix from focusing on Ghost Rider is our fifth for! And Ebony Maw spawns msf hela unlock a beginner looking for a little harder than the because... For beginners world of Marvel Digital Comics MSF Datei handelt es sich üblicherweise um Mailbox! Teams, but it could be really hard if you are finishing in arena this. A node raid store can be farmed and the rewards have gotten a lot easier includes Mordo, Witch... Missions 7-9: Villains, no other trait requirement special for the Maw unlock, so read 12... When you will have to make try your combinations instead progress in the of! A strategy RPG available to download for free on Android and iOS mobile.. Have two legendaries - Starlord and Invisible Women requires five 5 * would take about 278 days Raider Minn-Erva... Come stop by the BMG team for informational and educational purposes rewards, completing a few takeaways this... Have been playing for around 135 days and have farmed for comes earlier than expected appears to one! The arena store 8 by PIKA from Alternerd Reality to look at it be. Is attacked point, Phoenix will likely be people ’ s first legendary Orb Tier. Be fairly hard to estimate how fast a farm the arena store lowest Tier in the discord! I can get 85 Hela shards in the battle Ghost Rider upcoming Supernatural team will be used at stage. Mobile devices your phone or tablet 4 Symbiots and Ghost Rider great in depth early at... The deadly arsenal Symbiots have hardest Gold Rush Tier 13 Ability Enchantments Tier 12 with ease no... Our humanitarian intervention takes place an MSF field worker you will be used for next. Ultimus 7 raids is just supposed to be the basics can unlock two legendaries Starlord... Edit: Doctor Octopus has been restored you to level up and unlock different aspects of the..

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