and we believe in your Outrigger Pads. Bigfoot Outrigger Pads are used on Fire Trucks, Utility Trucks, Tree Trimmers, Recreation Vehicles (RV's) Concrete Pumps, Cranes and Any Type of Aerial Equipment. at 630-725-9373: Protect Your Company and Reduce Your Employee Risk Safety is more important than ever and there is a potential for serious injury to employees from the manual handling associated with the lifting and lowering of outrigger pads used with Rough Terrain (RT) Cranes. Whether you need to stabilize a crane on an industrial worksite, or on on city streets our outrigger pads can be ordered in the size and thickness your site needs, and are manufactured from composite materials and other wood options. Before you begin Let's go! TRT’s crane outrigger pads are designed for the industry. PCM’s premium stabiliser/outrigger pads are produced from recycled high molecular weight polyethylene produced to various DIN standards. The 18" x 18" x 1.5" Crane Outrigger pads GMK Current Production GMK Legacy Models National Crane Industrials : RT/TMS. $122.02 Add to Cart each, Crane Pad, UHMW, HDPE, 18 in. For the Outrigger Pad Calculator to work effectively you'll need maximum load per outrigger and the maximum allowable ground pressure in the same unit of measurement. 1.5" thick composite outrigger pads 18" x 18" square. See all parts for sale on the Crane Network, a leader in Outrigger Mats Pads and Cribbing Sales. Outrigger pad must be smooth and free from debris in order to evenly spread the load and achieve solid contact between the surface and outrigger pad. Related searches. The outrigger/float should be placed squarely in the centre of an outrigger pad and the crane should be level. TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads are available in a variety of standard sizes to suit most applications. Outrigger Pads are used to increase stability and to reduce "point load" on all types of hydraulic cranes with extended support outriggers. Operators in 40+ countries around the world trust DICA … Add the weight of the crane itself to the weight of the load you are attempting to lift to get the total weight that will be pushing down on the outrigger pads. Designed to support the heaviest of loads with the flexibility to manoeuvre and use in various configurations, our crane pads offer the perfect solution for large scale crane lifting. For cranes, excavators, farm equipment and more Call: 203.924.2000 / Email us here Outrigger Pad Calculator Helping you size your outrigger pads. L. A key thing to remember is that as a crane works and rotates over the various corners and quadrants, the load will shift and at any one time a greater load will be placed on one outrigger than on the … They are easy to install and provide a safe working environment for heavy equipment with outrigger arms. Enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again. Redco™ Nylon Outrigger Pad . Select the right crane outrigger pads as per your purpose to be solved. The crane outrigger float should be placed squarely in the center of an outrigger pad or crane mat. These sizes have been carefully configured based on industry requirements, for most cranes, setups and applications. TRT’s crane outrigger pads are designed for the industry. CRANIMAX (CRANEbee) 3DLiftPlan; Outrigger Pad Load Calculators. This longer lasting alternative is produced … $122.02 Add to Cart Request Access; 1111 Broadway Court, Woodstock, IL 60098. Manitowoc Direct Login. Manufacturer: SM Safety AlturnaMATS Outrigger Pads are manufactured using engineered UHMW polyethylene, providing superior strength-to-weight ratio than the timbers commonly used to support outrigger and crane arms. DICA is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in building high performance engineered outrigger pads, crane pads, and cribbing blocks that are lightweight, easy to use, and long-lasting. DICA … Crane stabilizer pad is made of UHMWPE, it is tough, Longlasting and Durable. Tweet; Price: Contact us . They will help you hack down your work load to a great extent. If electrical grounding is needed, see your original … … Outrigger pad must be smooth and free from debris in order to evenly spread the load and achieve solid contact between the surface and outrigger pad. Select a crane type below to start. Receive instant pad load calculations on screen and sent directly to your email.

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