Churn: (கடையும்) மத்து. churn out something; churn sth out; churn sth out; See all phrasal verb meanings The churning. Churning definition, the act of a person or thing that churns. Manthan, churning Churning symbolizes the spiritual transformation or purification of the mind and body on the path of liberation when one is engaged in austerities, celibacy, restraints and self-discipline. 1 : to work a churn (as in making butter) 2 a : to produce, proceed with, or experience violent motion or agitation her stomach was churning churning legs. Each side pulled alternately, thereby causing the mountain to rotate and churn the ocean. Itâ s easier to find cultured American butters these days, but, as with salted butters, not all cultured butters are the same. A vessel in which milk or cream is stirred, beaten, or otherwise agitated (as by a plunging or revolving dasher) in order to separate the oily globules from the other parts, and obtain butter. Showing page 1. meaning is The practice of repeatedly making the same booking in a GDS to avoid the 24-hour ticketing deadline.. Calendula flower meaning in telugu.It’s depicted with the scabious and a weeping willow, marking the death of a sweet soul. The excessive trading generates commissions for the broker but provides very little, if any, benefit to the investor. While most people think of churning in the context of over-trading stocks, it isn’t limited to those types of securities alone. Definition of stomach churning in the dictionary. Insurance companies use it to refer to the “customer churn” or attrition rate of customers who stop doing business with them. i am fully tired meaning in telugu. Mount Mandaranchal was used as the churning rod and Vasuki, the King of the Nagas, served as the churning rope. Quality: Human translations with examples: MyMem What does stomach churning mean? An investor churns if he/she has a long position on the security and wishes to sell it at an artificially high price. Churning is most typically found when a broker makes excessive trades in stocks or bonds. Churn can happen for a variety of reasons, natural and unnatural. Bangla Meaning of Churn Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the bangla language with its free online services. Tamil Dictionary definitions for Churn. SWING meaning in telugu, SWING pictures, SWING pronunciation, SWING translation,SWING definition are included in the result of SWING meaning in telugu at, a free online English telugu Picture dictionary. The Churning of the Ocean Churning in the insurance industry is used in a variety of contexts. CHURN-meaning in Hindi, Hindi meaning of CHURN, Get meaning of CHURN in Hindi dictionary, With Usage Tips and Notes, Quickly Grasp Word CHURN acronym / slang / Abbreviation. Churn: (கடையும்) மத்து. Etymology "Ocean of Milk" is the English translation of the Sanskrit terms kṣīroda, kṣīrābdhi or kṣīrasāgara, from kṣīra "milk" and -uda, sāgara "water, ocean" or abdhi "ocean.". See more. The churning of the Ocean of Milk was an inconceivably elaborate process. Often used for medicinal and culinary purposes / any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowers / a genus of composite herbaceous plants. Information and translations of stomach churning in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 3. The term varies across Indic languages, including khir sagar in Bengali, pārkaḍal in Tamil, and Pāla Kadali in Telugu.. Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam Lyrics in Telugu and English With Meaning – Temples In India Information. Churning is the practice of a broker overtrading in a client's account for the purpose of generating commissions. Constructing the Identities of the Hindu Great Goddess. These can range from indigestion to viruses. telugu: చర్న్; Churning Meaning in Hindi: क्या आप जानते हैं Churning का हिन्दी में क्या मतलब होता है?

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