This complex of tunnels and crypts is every bit as unique as it is spooky. St. Sophia the church is lovely itself, but the real beauty is inside. Aug 20, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. Also known as Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Independence Square is one of the most famous places in Kiev. wear clothes that show too much skin at places of worship, although the exact dress code varies from church to church.Men’s clothing shouldn’t contain shorts or flip-flops. Here are just a few shots of my favorite parts of Podil. If you prefer a guided tour, it is possible to book a guided street art tour online. To get from the bottom of Arsenalna takes an ear-popping (yes, literally – for me, at least!) The objects on display provide an insight into this historic catastrophe. Recommended For: Art lovers, photographers, Location: Kostyantynivka Street, Spaska Street, Voloska Street. Pro-Tip: You would find the best vareniki in Kiev in and around Esplanadna Street. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. But Ukraine keeps on going, and aside from the odd political poster here and there, the crisis in Donbass has basically no impact on tourists in Kiev. After all, there is a 360... 2. Things to do in Kyiv (Kiev) The complete guide to the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine is massive – the size of Texas, roughly – and there is no reason to be alarmed about visiting Kiev, which is one of the safest-feeling capital cities I’ve been to. 7 Unusual Things to Do in Kyiv 1. It is long and wide and has helped shape and mold the development of Ukraine throughout history. Isn’t it one of the cool things to do in Kyiv? Pro-Tip: The best time where the park isn’t flooded with tourists is from 11:00 am to 02:00 pm. I’m jealous – enjoy your trip! Eytan is a pretentious English major whose rant-laden sarcastic tirades occasionally include budget travel tips and other international nonsense. There’s so many great things to do in KievRead More Recommended For: Families, art & history lovers, photographers. Oct 8, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. I’ll go hang out in Brighton Beach before I’ll go back there We primarily used the metro in Kiev, and went to many of the places you mentioned, including the Arsenalna- which may be 4.5 meters short of the deepest metro, but it was worth it just to see how good a subway can be. Kiev is known for its architectural wonders in the form of churches. Pro-Tip: Do not forget to take selfies with people roaming around in costumes of pandas, bears, etc. For native Kyivans, these places won’t be a discovery: they have surely heard about them. Admission to the museum is around 20 hryvnia. Please see my disclosure page for more details. If you are into exploring the indigenous culture of a place, then it should be on the top of your bucket list. The Arsenalna metro stop is nearby the Pecharsk Lavra complex so it’s not super out of the way to visit. There are restaurants that serve brunch that would make an Australian weep with joy. And I am so glad I … Lysa Hora is a forested hill known for the 1872 small fortress which was used as a place for executing prisoners and storing military weapons. Check prices, reviews, and availability here. The city has a long history of almost 2000 years from numerous mixes of civilization, and culture. I personally stayed in an Airbnb in Podil for my two weeks. If there is one building more beautiful than all the others in Kiev, it’s St. Andrew’s. Being the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev has everything that a tourist looks forward to, ranging from recreation centers to shopping malls. The museum is small and can be seen in approximately 20 minutes, but it’s the best thing to do in Kiev in my opinion. And I am so glad I … If yes, then add it to your Kiev itinerary. The bus would take you through all the significant landmarks of the city. Recommended For: Art lovers, curious tourists, Timings: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm (Closed on Tuesdays). VDNG is a unique place to visit in Kiev during any season although in winter this Expo Center opens a seasonal entertainment park called “Winter Country”. Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is definitely worth visiting. Click this link to read full guide on Best Things to Do in Kiev City Tour. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden where people come for picnicking and get-togethers. There are several opera groups in the city that are centuries old and have been performing for ages. Recommended For: History lovers, families, Average Price: $100 – $150 (Online booking prices). Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. At first I thought this was the entirety of the ‘museum’ – turns out I nearly missed the enormous and excellent museum nestled at the base of Mother Motherland herself! Designed & Developed by Solo Pine. The red walls and the red pillars of the Red University Building would grab the attention of every photographer. There are plenty of things to do only in wintertime. Pro-Tip: Stay with a local to relish a cup of authentic Kiev coffee with no extra added flavors. admin Leave a Comment on 30 Unique Things To Do In Kiev, Ukraine’s Lovable Capital City Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. So, do plan its exploration during your visit to Ukraine. He/She would walk you through the most beautiful streets. From places to go in Kiev to romantic things to do in Kiev, you would know everything with the help of this self-guided walking tour. You can also book a private kayak tour in the Dnieper River. Good to Know: One of the most fun history experiences is taking a secret underworld tour of Kiev where you actually wear Soviet military boots and walk along a drain tunnel system or underground river. I bought the ticket that included everything, and I found a lot of the “extras” to not be worth the price. Kiev is also home to numerous picturesque and lively streets and Yaroslaviv Val Street is one of them. Art is an important part of a culture and that’s the reason you must plan a tour of the streets of Kiev and witness their artistic presence. Pro-Tip: Book a class online to get hotel pick-up and drop-off services. In fact, even modern machines can’t replicate what he was able to accomplish with these microminiatures. Mid-range: Kiev has plenty of affordable boutique hotels that offer a comfortable, trendy stay at a decent price. Hi babes!! Do visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about its cultural prominence. There is not a lot of information in English available, but the most important symbols of the loss incurred during the Holodomor need no language. It is beautiful, has a long history of its name and is quite vibrant. Kiev is a young city. In the museum, I saw everything from a complete, perfect chess resting atop the head of a pin, to a camel and pyramid threading the eye of a needle, to a rose embedded in a single strand of hair. ). There is an entire museum dedicated to the Andriyivskyy Descent street of Kiev. Pro-Tip: If you aren’t well acquainted with Ukrainian, then you can take a guided tour in English or Russian. Eternal Arrival is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. And the kind of detailing given to them is commendable. 15+ Soul-Soothing Things to do in Indonesia. Established in the year 1899, the National Art Museum is one of the best places to see in Kiev. Today, it is on the radar of every explorer across the world for a number of reasons. Standing at a staggering height of about 200 feet, the statue can be seen from kilometers away. The Pyongyang Metro is the deepest in the world at 110 meters. The Microminiature Museum is exactly what it sounds: miniatures done on an extremely small scale, best appreciated through a microscope. And I am so glad I … There are no exact images of the previous gate to reference for authenticity. How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number? Likely to be a welcome respite from the religious or Soviet artistic styles that dominate so much of the region’s heritage. People buy flowers, espressos, underwear, odds and ends – these mini-market stalls truly seem to be a part of people’s everyday life. All right reserved. Find your perfect attractions, activities, things to do, and experiences in Kiev and book online. Borscht (duh): Both the red and green varieties are delicious, though of course red is more traditional. There really was nothing much but school life. Also spelled as Kyiv, Kiev is one of the oldest regions in Europe and hence, a place of great importance for history lovers. Kyivo-Pechers'ka Lavra There is so much street art in Kiev that the city actually has its very own app for finding street art. It’s not one of my top things to do in Kiev, but it’s worth a quick stop by if you are in the area (and you likely will be). I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. If you look carefully at the coffins, you’ll notice that under the robes, there are actual dead bodies — look for the telltale mummified hands. … There are several churches within the Pechersk Lavra complex, but one of the most interesting is the Dormition Cathedral, which was built in the 11th century but completely destroyed in World War II. Definitely a worthwhile stop for coffee if you’re near Maidan Square or Khreshchatyk – and they look like they have delicious salads, too! And considering I live in the Balkans and travel more in Eastern Europe than anywhere else in the world, that’s a superlative that means something. Also known of the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, the Pechersk Lavra is hands-down the most interesting Orthodox monastery I’ve ever been to. You wouldn’t expect that the Ukraine, a country that spent so long under Soviet rule, would be so unique and free spirited. Luxury: Kiev is a modern city that caters a lot to business clientele and as a result, you will see tons of luxury, business-oriented hotels in the city. So, come here to start your mornings and to end your days with delicious flavors of this caffeine drink. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city un… I agree that I like Kiev a lot more than Odessa (haven’t seen Lviv yet so I can’t vouch for that). Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. It is a wonderful, breathtaking place and a sight to savor. I idiotically managed to get bit by a stray cat in Odessa and spent most of my time in Kiev getting rabies shots (side bar: the American Medical Center in Kiev is A+)…. The market is still used by locals today, even though it is rather upscale compared to other smaller markets you’ll find dotting the streets of Kiev. Isn’t it? This narrow street remains busy throughout the day and makes for an amazing spot for street photographers. Yeah, It was interesting time. Aug 12, 2019 - Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Recommended For: Photographers, history lovers, Timings: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (Closed on Mondays). However, what I found especially interesting about the Chernobyl Museum was all the art installations. Here’s a photo taken by someone less lazy than me: St. Sophia, alongside the Pechersk Lavra complex, makes up a joint UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kiev, and with good reason. I had a feeling I would like Kiev – after all, I did book myself two weeks there, with the intention of getting to know the city under its skin a bit. Here, you would stumble upon a lot of historic sites that would help you learn the unknown history of the city. That’s quite intriguing! Location: Chornomorska Street, Independent Square, Kiev. St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kiev is stunning. I based myself in Podil for my two weeks in Kiev and it was a great decision, as it quickly became one of my favorite neighborhoods in Kiev. To him, the journey is sweeter than the destination. Check prices, reviews, and availability here. Unusual Attractions in Kyiv. It was pissing down rain nearly my entire stay in Kiev, but I’ve been told Hidropark is the place to be in the summer when it’s sunny. Whereas many Orthodox churches are a bit round and plain for my taste, I love the gaudiness and ostentation of St. Andrew’s Church, which looks almost a bit like a crown on the top of Kiev’s Andriyivska hill. An inspired traveller and an avid history lover, he is an author with the heart of a poet. Today, it is one of the top places to go in Kiev. Recommended For: History lovers, culture explorers, Location: Baikova Street, Dorohozhytska, Kiev. Stop by the Museum of Unnecessary Things Queue for the Perepichka. One of the best parts about travel is that you can learn a lot about history without ever having to pick up a boring old textbook. And I am so glad I … 11.08.2019 - Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Long gone are the days where all you could find in Kiev is Ukrainian food. It is one amongst the fun things to do in Kiev and hence, shouldn’t be missed. I had such good success with international food in Kiev that I almost braved a Mexican food restaurant… before backing out because I remembered that Mexican food in Europe is never a good idea. And it is quite evident if you come out in the open and explore the streets of Kiev. The park was created and designed by professional landscape architects in 1912, and in 1972 it was awarded the status of a monument park. Kiev takes care of every kind of tourist. Over 100 important Orthodox figures have been buried in the Lavra complex over the past millennia. Recommended For: Families, couples, photographers. In the courtyard outside the museum itself, you’ll find some Soviet-era statues and several disused army tanks – many times being used as a makeshift playground for tiny children. We all have heard about the 1986 Chernobyl Disaster, which is said to be the worst nuclear disaster ever. Salo: Cured lard, essentially, but so delicious on Ukrainian bread! So, how about getting lazy for a day in Kyiv and staying in the hotel? Hiking Trails in Ukraine. And I am so glad I … This way you would be able to learn in detail about local customs and traditions. Do visit its observation deck to catch some aerial views of the city. I personally opted not to visit Chernobyl, preferring to get to know Kiev as a city during my stay. As the church was constructed in the 19th century, it is also a wonderful getaway for history lovers. Built-in the late 18th century, it is adorned with intricate designs and patterns. After spending two weeks enjoying this beautiful city, here are my top things to do in Kiev, Ukraine. Things to do in Kiev. However, it is also visited by those who love wandering offroad. It houses a marvelous collection of ancient paintings and modern drawings made by world-renowned artists. Welcome back to my channel hope you all are doing great today i decided to share with you the amazing places to visit anytime you're in Ukraine or as a tourist in Ukraine ( Kiev… Lysa Hora in translation from Ukrainian means a mountain without plants or … And I am so glad I … The bedroom decor is super modern and spacious, with great leather detailing, comfortable beds, amenities like a desk you can easily work from, etc. Jan 28, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. I spent a couple of days in the city, and I tried to walk as much as possible. It’s a small museum that can be seen in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, but visiting is an important part of understanding 20th century Ukraine, in my opinion. The presence of colorful flowers, verdant lawns, clean walkways and peaceful environment make them must-visit places. Holodomor Genocide Museum is built in the loving memory of millions of people who were displaced and killed in the man-made famine of 1932-1933. Pro-Tip: Stay for a day or two to completely explore the beauty of Podil. Pro-Tip: Visit the park on weekdays if you don’t want to see the park flooded with tourists and locals. The list includes Feofaniya Park and Holosiivsky National Nature Park. Varenyky: Similar to Russian pelmeni or Polish pierogi, these Ukraninian dumplings are best enjoyed stuffed with cabbage, potato, or meat. It is one of the must-visit tourist places in Kiev as it helps visitors learn about the history of Ukraine. Odessa was fun, but paled compared to Kiev and Lvov. I also had quite good and very affordable ramen at Menya Musashi, which is a mini-chain of Japanese restaurants in Kiev. Plus you can’t beat the location! Hot air balloon ride. What to see in Kyiv: TOP 10 Kyiv attractions. But the kind of Soviet architecture the city has, it cannot be found elsewhere in Ukraine. Some locals hate it and some locals love it, but they can all agree on one thing: the Rodina Mat statue is huge! Still, it’s an important point of reference in Kiev throughout history. Hence, it is the perfect place to trace back the bygone era of the eastern parts of Europe. Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. Oct 27, 2019 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. Independence was only gained in 1991 and the people you see on the streets, shopping and performing live music, are young too. As it is a place where numerous protests, rallies and campaigns that happened in the past, it makes for a great spot to trace back the political history of Kiev. That’s why it is advisable to board a double-decker open bus to roam around the city. It houses a picturesque sweeping park that overlooks the city and the dazzling Dnieper River. list of the things not to do in Kiev surely includes drinking alcohol in public places. Standing at 102 m tall, the gleaming stainless Rodina Mat statue or “Nation’s Mother” can be seen from almost all points of the city. And it shows in the streets. A beautiful place where you can spend hours without getting bored! Recommended For: Explorers, offbeat travelers. Kiev has ample places that remain open throughout the night and are perfect to witness the city’s nightlife closely. Peeing Colors in Kyiv. Pro-Tip: Make sure you don’t lose the entrance ticket as it would allow you to visit the palace multiple times in a day. Built in the theatrical style and embellished with incredible designs and patterns, Mariyinsky Palace is a ceremonial residence of the Ukraine president. Recommended For: Families, History lovers, photographers. The Live Here Hotel  (let’s pause to quickly LOL at the name) has a great look and excellent reviews. Andriivskyi Descent ... strange but at the same time it is so unique. Unarguably, a gem of modern architecture. Microminiatures Museum. And I am so glad I … Recommended For: Architecture lovers, photographers, Price Range: $20 – $30 for hiring a guide. Though, not many of them have seen it all first-hand. During your time in Kiev, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll catch a glimpse of Rodina Mat, otherwise known as Mother Motherland. Since its formation in the 1980s, it has been the jewel of Kiev. I went into Bessarabsky Market (Rynok) twice during my stay in Kiev and loved walking around it. If you are in for it, you just need to order a pint of beer, switch on the TV and get under the blanket. To characterize it, I’d say that it’s a little gaudy, totally quirky, but ultimately a very symbolic and introspective endeavor. The murals of River Crossing and Lake are quite popular across the city. Kiev, the Hero city is totally a must visit if you are in western Europe. However, if you prefer a more structured exploration of the neighborhood, you can sign up for a guided walking tour of Podil. It is a bit surreal to see the way that Ukrainian artists have chosen to represent the disaster. Pro-Tip: The Arena-city Trade Complex is the best place to savor late-night meals. Things to do in Kiev. The list of the prime Kiev attractions is incomplete without this marvelous complex of cave monastery. The place is quiet and hence, perfect to tranquilize one’s mind. Our guest contributor, Val, shares a city reborn, with the best things to do in Kiev, Ukraine, 25 years after he first lived there. Aug 4, 2020 - Within minutes of stepping foot in Kiev, I knew I had discovered one of my new favorite cities. The likes of Vareniky and holubtsi are loved by locals as well as tourists. Well, you need not worry. Top Attractions in Kyiv (Kiev) 1. But in the last few decades, its tourism industry has grown extensively. Podil is located on the outskirts of Kiev and makes for a great place for those who want to take a short break from the Kiev city. The classes are given in several languages, including English and Russian. Admission is free, but purchase a candle for 3 hryvnia to light the way (and add to the creepy ambiance).

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