Agree r185. You may find deals in Manhattan. I heard a broker chatting with my building super yesterday and she was saying that it is totally a renters market right now as people have moved to the 'burbs since they're working from home. I live in a college town 4 hours upstate—we have murders, armed robberies, and assaults, often meth-driven. This is a pattern that plays out in other states, too, but it’s worth knowing about before moving to North Carolina. The rents are down $1000. Brooklyn already happened a lot time ago. I paid over $1,200/month for a one-bedroom walkup there, which was insanely affordable compared to any other borough. And, New York collects $7,400. Dogs are not permitted on the lawn there, ever, but there is a gravel-filled dog park. Unless you're imperious to noise from upstairs neighbors, you don't want to live under anyone--ever! Don’t live on 79th though, the Lucerne homeless shelter hasn’t been completely settled in the courts yet. Find the best deal in the most convenient neighborhood and go from there. R210 The idiot from Weehawken does understand per capita but this loon doesn't understand why you are so triggered and in De Blasio Denial mode? Recommended Reading . And tourism alone provides a 60 billion dollar a year revenue for New York and thousands of jobs in the service industry. Again, if they are planning on having a car that will help define where they live. You can do Queens later if you want, but don't scary your New York experience there. Inwood, Washington Heights and even parts of Harlem aren't out of consideration either. Well they did in large numbers before covid, but that's another matter. I grew up in a town of 44,000 and my parents still live there and the biggest drama I heard of was some 6 years ago when a cab driver was shot by a man near the train station in a neighboring town. I agree, R162. absolutely nothing. And there’s only one train line in Astoria - I have friends who had apartments that were a 15 minute walk from the train. Inwood is now mostly Dominicans who blast music day and night and use local streets for drag racing after dark. You'd want to kill yourself if you had to commute to Astoria/Brooklyn from UWS. Quick Philly Snapshot. One of reasons many LLs of older units in Manhattan including formerly hot areas like UWS, UES, Chelsea, Hell's Kitchen and West Village are having problems is that people now have options. And I don’t love love love the city—I think it’s pretty much over—but that guy is being ridiculous. Xo. R228 What's your point? If you are looking for a cheaper rent in Manhattan look in Harlem. [quote]Now is a great time to get a deal. I moved out of the UWS 3 years ago because there were too many fraus and strollers. [quote]Why not Jersey City or Bayonne? Also, a ton of new bars, restaurants etc with professionals who work in NYC. My only complaint, not enough gay life for me...Still need NYC for that. Type in" subway attack" on YouTube and see the startling number of stories not only from the past 6 months but for a decade. Press J to jump to the feed. R48 is right about 100s esp on Riverside drive and West End ave. Omg can you white transplants just leave? Lots of great restaurants in HK (in precovid times at least) and it’s close to Broadway shows, opera and ballet, gay bars —if you’re into all those. So many have moved out of the city. The museum is in a wonderful neighborhood. Factor in "Dog Friendly" with $3k upper limit and zoom the map in close to the museum and take a look. I loved the safe neighborhood and all the Irish pubs. What kind of dogs? 3K could get you either. It stinks, is dirty and can be dangerous. Yorkville (UES east of Lexington) had some reasonable rentals and you're just across Central Park from the museum. but stay on the West side don't do East Harlem you won't be able to take the subway to work. There was very little street crime because no one wanted to find out they’d robbed some gangster’s mother. R21 Riverdale? It has been appraised just fine 3 times. R102 The subways in NYC are dangerous. The kinds on incidents and stars you cite are common to many of the largest cities in the US. Look north. North Carolina is attracting lots of transplants. on. Safer is not safe enough! A good friend (with a dog) was on W 81 and it is so convenient to everything. If you are tough and can handle consistent rejection till you make it to the top then it is a great idea especially if you are very passionate about acting. And they were here long before your pseudo Hispanic family got here. So you’ve decided to move to New York. So, when you compare it to other states, residents of Texas save as much as half of what they would normally pay in taxes. These threads are so subjective. Will you be working from home or...? Your friends are right that Hoboken is basically a frat. It’s full of families and I did love living there got a while, but I always had to take a train to go do gay things . Where can you get them (other then having them delivered) and what is so special about them? 1. Thank god! Our home has been on the market since late Sept. It's very hard to go East to West or vice versa especially uptown (the only subways that cross are the Shuttle and 7 at 42nd and the L at 14th). Dr. Ruth is my neighbor. It would be very fun for people in their early 30s. The UWS is lovely. I can give you a great deal at Trump Tower! Obviously we would pay less if we found a really great deal. landlords OP: Since you are new to NYC, it is important to live in Manhattan at first and experience it! Nice floors, brick wall, nice bathroom. BTW, what's your bf's job/department at the AMNH going to be, if you don't mind my asking. It's an Uber Ride. It’s one of the best ways to explore the city and you never have to worry about your bike getting stolen or lugging it upstairs. I don't know what the guy who said the UWS is "dirty" - it is a very livable neighborhood with two huge parks - great for dogs - Central Park and Riverside Park. His fear is that we wont get back to our island where it's safe. You can afford it. [quote] I have a friend that lives in a huge 2 bed 1 bath in Washington Heights for a reasonable rate, it's not a bad neighborhood. Click to see our best Video content. Use and you can select no brokers. Some people hate it. Unless you can afford a garage (which could cost the same as a studio apartment in most cities) or you live on the far east or north, having a car on the UES is prohibitive. For a certain personality type a lot of the nightlife you would want is in Brooklyn. You can start browsing listings early to get a sense of what's out there and what neighborhoods you can afford, but don't expect to find your future apartment any earlier than a month in advance. Of course there is matter of getting from Second and 86th to 81st and CPW, but again there is the cross town bus (79th and Second or 86th and Second), or CitiBike. Looking at some listings. North of the museum past Harlem. Get him to put a ring on it before you move! 2 bedrooms. His house is currently under contract to be sold for $915,000. You guys are making a very strong argument for the uWS. There was a very freak murder of a young woman a few years ago, but a very isolated incident and crime usually isn’t that bad. They will give you useful advice. UWS is excellent option to walk to work. The neighborhood was truly charming, full of largely working-class Puerto Rican families and a few remaining Italians (who were at one time the majority). We have zeroed in on the UWS specifically in the 70s and 80s. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies." Keep in mind, however, that relocating to this city is much more challenging than your average move. It’s a good area to have access to the George Washington Bridge to get in and out of NYC, much more easily negotiable than the tunnels. The unit owners are open to tenant negotiations; a friend recently moved from a one-bedroom to a two- bedroom at the same rent. In my years here, I’ve live on UES, UWS, Chelsea, be Harlem, Brooklyn Heights. This will determine where you look. 4. As a first time relatively young gay couple, I would think downtown or Hell’s Kitchen would be more interesting. How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: Dec 6, 2020 Steelers Can Clinch Playoff Berth With Win vs. Washington, AFC North Title Must Wait. Don't plan to keep a car there, it sounds as though it won't be necessary. Though that is straight, for gays it has been Hells Kitchen. Welcome to the city. The funny thing is that the slight audio quality advantage that the XM3 buds have over the AirPods Pro at the cost of convenience is the opposite situation of the XM3/4 headphones with the AirPods Max headphones, where the Max cans sound a little better than the Sony alternative but are less convenient with their weight and inferior travel case. Maybe at the height of the lockdown when it was basically only homeless people. It was getting expensive when I moved back to Chicago but I loved that I could safely keep my car and I had the #7 and LIRR to get into city for work and play. NextAdvisor, in partnership with TIME, is a free resource to help you make smart money moves that make a big impact on your wealth. Wherever you live, if you're gay your life is gay, at least in New York. There are lots of sub-neighborhoods within the UWS and it will get cheaper as you go further north into Morningside Heights (Columbia area) and into Harlem. R6 What’s Washington Heights like? mortgages And if there were-the buyer didn’t even give us a counter offer. In Washington Heights it's usually best to stay west of Broadway. Are there any brokers or real estate agents that you’d recommend? I don’t think we’re is fearful about hemorrhaging money living in Manhattan after reading these posts. Parking garage, insurance, upkeep—all seem like another rent if your car just sits there month after month. OP, look at Compass or Douglas Elliman for brokers. Con: it’s hotter than hades (okay maybe not that hot, but you get it). If you can find something privately owned, you might be able to get an even better deal and avoid using a broker. Clear cause and effect in his mind. The subways are crowded (pre and post covid), dirty, hot. Brokers will do their standard line about being in the apartment for rent or sale at all times of the day and night, and they've never heard anything. We have a big place, by Manhattan standards, with 4 huge closets and lots of light. Being close to the park is amazing. I’ve been looking at the neighborhood on Google. It then goes down through Chelsea into Greenwich Village, Tribeca then onto downtown FiDi area before heading into Brooklyn. OP welcome to the city - we are happy to have you. A lot of people quit New York less than a year after moving. I've heard there are a lot of product manager types living there. Inwood. It's considered the "real Little Italy" of NYC and had some of the best food around. 11. If only! . Andy Verderosa . What's your budget? Is having a doorman important or not? Old people don’t realize how out of whack things are for people buying today - or maybe they don’t care because it benefits them. New York City is a fast-moving market, and most landlords don't list available apartments until around a month before they'd be rented out. Will OP have to get booties for his dogs' feet? Millennials taking tech jobs in high-cost-of-living San Francisco aren’t the only ones heading for the Golden State. Here are 15 things to know before moving to Utah. We think it’s a good place for us to start. Then you'll have the MANHATTAN experience. And are they worth a trip from say the 10019 zip code? The New York Stock Exchange said it will test its ability to operate outside of New Jersey as the state considers a tax on financial transactions. My guess based on Reddit's userbase is that the EV appeals to straight people who like dive-y bars, but they've never explained. Plus a 30-40 minute ride on the "A" train to Midtown. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn 1.9k Pinterest Reddit. They'd lie the Lord off the Cross, to make a sale, and all of them are pretty stupid too. R215 Fare zones WTF are you talking about??? R203 Unlike the proverbial upstate college town you mention, NY relies on tourism to fill hotels, theaters, restaurants, MSG, the Beacon and businesses to fill all those towering office buildings. It’s more of a Seinfeld/Friends vibe. It also directs cardholders with reservations through Amex Travel to a separate COVID-19 information hub for airline-specific details. This was several years ago. We want to see how adorable you, the BF and your 2 dogs look. EV is slowly but surely gentrifying as with rest of Manhattan below Harlem. You'll take a bus across the park to work or walk through the park to work. Wash Heights is a kinda long subway ride and lots of crappy areas in between there and the Museum. Thanks for your suggestions on New Jersey. Splash Bar has been closed since 2013, hon! We moved to five new cities the past five years, and NYC is so different from any other place we’ve lived. It's a real neighborhood - real people, lots of dogs. News Reader. Just absolutely ridiculous. My guess based on Reddit's userbase is that the EV appeals to straight people who like dive-y bars, but they've never explained. The local governments are to the present day tremendously corrupt. Hell’s Kitchen is more gay friendly but if the sea of parents and brats are no longer overwhelming the sidewalks of the UWS - you should be fine there! Brooklyn right now is hot RE wise, and you'll probably get more for your money space wise there than in Manhattan. But now comes the time to decide which New York is right for you. I remember taking a quick Red-and-Tan bus into the city decades ago with relatives. I remember taking a quick Red-and-Tan bus into the city decades ago with relatives. You guys are unbelievable! Comparing Germany’s biggest city, Berlin, with the US’s – New York City – on Numbeo shows that eating out and buying beer is half as expensive in Berlin. Subway station is across the street on Eighth Avenue and three stops from the Museum. Cops shouldn't be first at scene in mental health crises.NYC pilot program needed nationwide. Friends have said it’s like living in a frat house. I seriously can't even fathom being afraid to ride the NY subway. Plus, because it’s a hot spot, prices are high anyway for tiny places although rents have fallen because of covid. Are you sure you have the right city, OP? You are coming at a unique time for renters when it's a renter's market. I love the Natural History museum. R212 And trolling means someone who's POV differs from another frequent poster who can simply ignore and go out in the greatest city and do something exciting! That and others reach same conclusion from the start. Nor many parts of Brooklyn. We’re both 31. Your wallet will be much happier on this side of the pond. There was an article recently in NYT about a doctor who lives on UWS that commutes to and from her job at Elmhurst hospital in Queens by bike each way. Not as many as in a big city, but proportionately perhaps as representative. Astoria to midtown East or possibly midtown west is easy. I’m not a fan of Brooklyn - you live in your neighborhood and much of Brooklyn is low density with minimal support services (like 4 blocks to a deli). For us it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to live in Queens .. however they had nothing but good things to say about Astoria. It would be great if you have close friends who are trustworthy and honest who live in NY now, when crime is at a high thanks to our disgusting idiot of a mayor. Living in New York City is a unique experience in any borough, but Manhattan is so central to the New York lifestyle that locals refer to it simply as "the city." General advice about finding something and taking a one year lease isn't a bad idea. I live as far north in Brooklyn as a person can, and that commute is absurd. North Carolina in general and Charlotte, in particular, make frequent appearances on lists of the top places for millennials. I know what I'm talking about and the news reports don't lie. [quote] The Natural History Museum is on the Upper East Side. Where do you live now? There was a strong Albanian presence too. Why so touchy? What kind of income are we looking at here? Confetti was flying in New York's Times Square on Tuesday. I fear he is going to be a very crazy old man. R220 Living in NY as I did doesn't mean you will spend all your time in your neighborhood. My boyfriend accepted a job at The Natural History Museum. Blogs, RSS, Youtube channels, Podcast, Magazines, etc. Prior to moving into the neighborhood, I was told by many people that it was a crime-ridden shithole, which I guess may have been technically true if you crunch the numbers, but I minded my own business and never had any problems. convenience is the only redeeming quality of the subway. And the commute is shorter than for those who live in the Bronx, parts of Queens and Brooklyn and those who live in Inwood or above 136th Street. If you're ready to take on a bold new challenge, living in Manhattan could be the perfect choice to shake things up. Neat job and youre in your prime. But, okay. With opening of Second Avenue Subway some of that traffic has decreased but largely because those going to and from Brooklyn that once needed to get to (or from) 8th avenue subway which runs along CPW, now take the "Q" and either transfer to another train or straight ride to Brooklyn. Eighth Avenue/IND subway line stops right at 81st and CPW, so one logical thought process would be to map out areas served by this subway line in terms of housing. Dallas is approximately 343 square miles. What's your budget? But not a lot of green space. The train to Midtown maybe takes 20 minutes. The East Village has been the nightlife hub for the 20-something crowd. R201 Live 10 minutes from Midtown in Weehawken across the Hudson if you're interested in crime stats. Guess you missed fact OP already has a partner. Actually Queens to UWS, in particular W81st and CPW isn't that an "insane" commute nowadays. Or Hamilton / Washington heights. Worry about your own cities or towns or wherever you live. I’m a native of Chicago and a long-time fan if NYC. Look at Hamilton Heights or Washington Heights, but stay close to the river. Take the opportunity to live in Manhattan, it’s probably the best and most affordable time in three decades to do so because of the current situation. 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