It was designed in 1807 and was the 45th of the 100 types of ships in the Cherokee class. Origin uncertain, possibly a corruption of beadle in the sense of "constable, detective"; or alternatively from Middle French beegueule (“gaping throat, noisy person, whiner”), from Old French beer (variation of Old French bayer) + Old French gueule. Search beagle and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Middle French beegueule one who whines insistently, equivalent. Find more French words at! Rex – meaning ‘King’ in Latin, so a great title for a dog that rules the roost! While the American Bulldog Beagle mix and Beagle cross French Bulldog are also interesting mixes, they are genetically different from the English Beabull and need to be discussed separately. [Middle English begle, possibly from Old French bee gueule, loudmouth : beer, to gape (variant of baer; see bay2) + gueule, gullet (from Latin gula).] The English for beagle is beagle. 3. Origin uncertain. verb. 1490–1500; perhaps

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