Required fields are marked *. by Ho Guo Xiong / January 10, 2021. Credit: Instagram/lesgomakan, jglovesfood We’ll admit — nothing beats a spicy, punchy and aromatic bowl of mala xiang guo on a cold, rainy afternoon. The eatery is brightly lit and spacious, and is packed with customers whenever I visit in the evening. We just tried the Haidalao dry pot pack last night and found the flavors. Top Choice Hot Bean Paste. FOLLOW US. The eatery offers a fair selection of fish and meat, all tasty and fresh. Then you’ll pay for the weight and then they’ll stir-fry it for you in the back. LOCATE US. Do you have any other recommendations for dry pot premade oils? 200+ reviews View Join our delivery team! 摄影) Chinese New Year is the time where we celebrate all things new as well as centuries-old traditions, and that’s exactly what FYRE Singapore is all about — a new and exciting addition to our local food scene that’s shedding new light on time-tested recipes. Enjoy neighbors and tag us on IG if you try it out at home. that your tongue feels numb after 10 minutes into your first bite. Foodpanda - Local Food Delivery. We worked in partnership with Foodpanda, Deliveroo and GrabFood to expand our operations of services and serve better. Did I mention that this sauce is also very addictive… you’ll find yourself craving this mala spice quite often. 83/84 CIRCULAR ROAD, #01-01, SINGAPORE 049435. $4.50. It’s so popular in China now that there are tons of restaurant chains like NaDu (拿渡) and ChuanChengYuan (川成元) thriving on just this one dish. 无辣不欢 Mala Xiang Guo 5-G-33A, The Promenade, Persiaran Mahsuri, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang +6016-424 2911. Make sure to prepare and eat some rice on the side – it’ll help you cool down. Making headlines and sprouting out in hawker centres and food courts all around Singapore, ma la xiang guo is a delicacy that has evidently won the hearts of Singaporeans. That’s when numbing means spicy. Mala xiang guo was introduced by the Burmese Chinese people to Myanmar, and is now a popular dish there, where it is called mala shan gaw (မာလာရှမ်းကော). And while it is not aromatic and not numbing and not spicy, the sauce is savoury and delicious. 4.7 (50+ ratings) 5. And the packets are sold in just about every major Chinese market or store. You choose the ingredients, pay for the food by weight, choose one of the styles of soups (from three), and inform preferred level of spice. It's simple! Remember how bakkwa is usually wrapped in a huge piece of oilproof paper and how you have to rewrap the parcel after taking out a few pieces each time? $4.50. Refined and built on the age old traditions of bak kwa making, FYRE Singapore, is dedicated to sending out Lychee and Apple Wood bak kwa that is made according to recipes created by chefs who have had decades of experience, and aims to deliver bak kwa that pleases the palates of Singaporeans. This allows the moisture and flavours to be locked in. Tiparos Thai Fish Sauce × Add to Cart. Stir fry everything until the hard vegetables are cooked through. This is the one new year goodie that your guests will be raving about. Then you pick out the vegetables and meat that you like. Hopefully i can find the sauce at my local Asian market! Vegetables, meat, fishcakes, noodles, rice, etc. ‪⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀‬ ‪Cr. Mala Xiang Guo (Special) + Brown Sugar Bubble Tea : 16,000/- Only Brown Sugar Bubble Tea : 2,000/- : « Gulbi - Korea's Favorite Fish To Eat Regularly! Add to Cart. Allergens and more. Hi, great video. The xiao la mala bowl is chock-full of peanuts and dried chilli bits. Add to Cart. 4. 10 Best Tasting Pineapple Tarts You Should Try in Singapore, Bob The Baker Boy – Molten Lava Cookies & Healthy Customised Cakes. ASAP. Mala Xiang Guo Burger (Grub Bishan) Xiao Man Niu Mala Xiang Guo specialises in Chinese cuisine. Plate and garnish the dish with chopped cilantro (optional), Enjoy your beautiful plate of Mala Xiang Guo with a bowl of fresh rice (and a cold beer!). While you’re at it, enjoy their Thai and green teas for only K1000 a cup. The best mala xiang guo worth queuing for in Singapore. Get yours online now at while stocks last. ASAP . The Original Bak Kwa is fresh and tender so it’s great for both the young and old to enjoy. In the pursuit of excellence, FYRE Singapore has spent lots of time on research and development. Join me LIVE as I introduce you to my favourite hawker stall in Singapore! You don’t have to worry about serving your guests stale bakkwa, or worry about when the remaining bakkwa might go bad since you can open just the number of packets you need. Start Everyday with Quaker Oats (Here are 4 Recipes for You)! In addition of that, we felt privileged to be working with our partners. The tenderness of the meat is noteworthy and exceptional. Dried Bean Curd sticks (Tofu Skin Sticks), Place some Vegetable Oil into a wok. You might just fall in love with it, and become a mala xiang guo addict after! Search radius. Through her adventures, hidden gems are found. For $12, you could get a … When. Indeed, the bakkwa packs the good old authentic Mala flavours. When you first taste Mala, you’ll be pleasantly surprised (panicked?) What’s more, you don’t have to stand in line under the hot sun for FYRE’s bakkwa! Riding on the Mala wave, FYRE created a Mala Xiang Guo Bakkwa, a unique and innovative take on the old and familiar. They will help to handpick your preferred combination of ingredients and serve up some fry to order mala guo with an addictive numbing and spicy flavour. Please keep up the great work. … I’ m very careful with gypsies .I put out my hand so that they don’t come near me and in a very high voice tell them not to come near me .usually they are two or three together . We won’t deny that this one’s a little pricier than we like, but the vermicelli, kelp and okra here go really well with both the soups and stir-frys. I really want to try this since I'm craving mala xiang guo but it is hard to find around me. Turn off the heat. Operation hours: 11am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm. They carefully season the ingredients with lots of garlic and chilli, and their spice blend is impeccable, resulting in an extremely fragrant and flavourful bowl of Mala. My bowl of ma la xiang guo is prepared within 20 minutes, and the stall even sprinkles fried egg floss atop my combination. Hence, the birth of an extraordinary flavour — Mala Xiang Guo ($128/kg) — on top of their signature and classic Original 1945 ($118/kg) Lychee and Apple Wood bak kwa. ‪[ #TWITTER 210103 ] #WONHO‬ Bad xiang guo *!!!!! Hai Di Lao offers three versions of their mala sauce. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Home » Blog » FYRE Bak Kwa – A New Taste Of Tradition. The two most popular types of dishes is Mala Hot Pot (image below) and Mala Xiang Guo (Stirfry). I have tried a few of your recipes from seondobu tofu stew and fish odeng all hits! No location selected. 8A Admiralty Street #07-15 Food Xchange @ Admiralty Singapore 757437. Bendemeer/Whampoa; Jia Xiang Mala Hotpot-Bendeemer 家乡麻辣香锅-文庆; Jia Xiang Mala Hotpot-Bendeemer 家乡麻辣香锅-文庆 - Bendemeer. It’s sweet, sweet relief that for once, a mala-flavoured snack lives up to its namesake—numbing and spicy—as it should be.Many other mala counterparts shy away from bold flavours and unrestrained heat, but I love the bravery and finesse in Fyre’s Lychee and Apple Wood Mala Xiang Guo bak kwa.It’s what truly sets it apart from other mala-inspired counterparts. Oyster sauce × Add to Cart. Armed with a bowl of white rice to absorb the spice and oil, and my newfound knowledge and appreciation for what makes specific ma la xiang guo stalls great, I dig in and pray for the same happiness I once felt.

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