(855) 628-7623. Unlevel and soft terrain can be dangerous when working with heavy equipment such as cranes, lifts and dozers. Construction Mats for rent or sale 8' x 16' x 6" laminated wood mats 12" thick timber mats in varying lengths Composite mays 4' x 8' AlturnaMATS®, made by TuffTrack®, are made from 100 percent recycled HDPE. Learn more about our mats by clicking on the buttons below. You shouldn’t spend money and still worry that the access mats won’t get the job done. These will bend but will not break. Timbermat supply a wide range of bog mats for sale in different sizes and species, so that you can buy at the best timber prices and know that you have the ground protection mats you will need for a long time to come. About these Composite Mats. Matrax modular mats are immediately deployable, easy-to-handle and will efficiently stabilize work areas to permit vehicular load, as well as provide clean work areas and minimal surface impact to soil and vegetation. We apply knowledge gained in the field to the development and manufacturing of stronger, more durable, lightweight matting products. Ground protection mats are a relatively new product to the market, they offer a cost-effective way to protect grass areas and other sensitive ground from heavy equipment and even foot traffic. Our mats have been used to provide ground stabilization during the construction of pipelines, bridges, Highways, powerlines and more. Temporary access and ground protection mats provide access and traction over sand, mud, marshy areas and protect your personnel, equipment, vehicles and turf. GEOTERRA: The SAFEST Construction Mat in the Industry. That’s when Spartan used mats for sale may be the answer to your budget needs. Crane Mats. No matter how large or small the construction project, it’s a good chance that Quality Mat Company is there providing ground protection mats, temporary road matting and stabilization mats, providing a safe and stable work surface for cranes and other heavy construction equipment. We also understand that ground conditions can vary significantly from site to site, one size does not fit all and that a variety of matting types may be needed for a single project. Mini Trampolines; Mini Trampolines. Our durable temporary roadways and bog mats are hard-wearing and produced from species like tropical Ekki hardwood that can last for up to 50 years under typical usage conditions. Mix and match a complete set of ground protection equipment to keep the construction job site both safe and productive. Machinery mats protect concrete from the tracks and tires of heavy machinery, while outrigger pads stabilize cranes and booms where the ground is soft or uneven. Matrax Inc. has extensive experience in the rental and sale of a range of conventional wood and composite mats used within the power transmission, heavy construction, and oil and gas industries. Louisiana Mini Trampoline or Trampette 4ft x 4ft. Texas Use ground protection mats again and again on the worksite. Construction Sites. New Jersey Regardless of ground conditions, our road mats temporary use will have the levels of performance construction companies and highway crews count on. And don’t forget, we offer mat rentals as well as custom mats to meet the needs of virtually any project. Below are our capabilities for milling hardwood construction mats: Mats for the Construction Industry. PO Box 845, Isle of Palms, SC 29451, Call Sales and Service Toll-Free at: Construction & Utility Division - Crane Mats | Weekes Forest … Reach our team today and let’s talk about your construction project’s unique needs and the heavy equipment you plan to use. They use a durable, dense polyethylene plastic material that will not break if bent. Bridgewell makes used construction mats available for sale—this is an excellent way to purchase fully functional mats that are still in very good condition. All crash mats and construction safety mats are annually tested and provided with a one year safety inspection ticket. Made of the same high quality timber as our brand new mats, purchasing from our used inventory is a cost efficient way to ensure you will receive a hardworking mat at fraction of the new mat price.

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