Those same stories are the family stories and the clan stories that become … Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters traverses three Indigenous lands — those of the APY (Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara), the Ngaanyatjarra and the Martu. These special maps, called ‘songlines’, follow the great journeys of the ancestors as they created the land, the animals and the laws of the people. The extensive network of Songlines can vary in length from a few kilometres to hundreds of kilometres, crossing through traditional country of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups. Songlines are a part of the aboriginal life. Tues to Thurs - 10:00am to 6:00pm Watch the What Are Songlines? The art is creation. As Mandawuy Yunupingu from the popular band Yothu Yindi explains: “The role of song in Aboriginal or Yolgnu Creation is what creation is all about.The song is creation. In many cases, Songlines on the earth are mirrored by sky Songlines, which allowed people to navigate vast distances of this nation and its waters. The songlines define the intangible relationship between Aboriginal music, beliefs and the land. The Chinese call them Dragon lines. Songlines underpin the whole Aboriginal culture. "Songlines are very important to Aboriginal people," he said. Other articles where Songline is discussed: oral tradition: Diversity, shared features, and functionality: …short songs popularly known as songlines. Video 1: What are Songlines? Get in touch. "The songlines were used when people moved between country, and these songs tell the story of the land and the language. NAIDOC: The extensive network of Songlines can vary in length from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, crossing through traditional Country of many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language groups. The people could find their way unerringly across vast territories simply by "singing" the ancient stories of the Dreamtime creatures. This beautiful picture book explains a Sky Path that the Aboriginal people would use to help them navigate longer journeys. Songlines are navigational tracks. The stories contained landmarks, and were meant to be sung at a walking pace of about 4 mph. The Aboriginal elders and the trained Indigenous keepers of the Songlines will sing the landscape, and therefore be able to move from location to location through it, and teach each other. Video 2: NAIDOC Week 2016 ‘Songlines is a cross-cultural term, a passport to the deep knowledge embedded in the land which we now all share. In some parts of the world they are known as leylines. video on YouTube. The "songlines" were a sort of Aboriginal GPS. In addressing a network of both mythical and tangible landmarks, the songlines together constitute a catalogue of local route systems—in essence, a map delineating the geographical, spiritual, social, and historical contour, of their environment. I will start by explaining what the 2016 t heme means. Aboriginal Songlines Looking for authoritative sources and tangible evidence, including maps, of Australian Aboriginal Songlines. This is because the significant knowledge of culture that belongs to people comes from their participation in the songlines of their country. 0428 833 218; 45 Moreland street, Footscray, Victoria 3011. The aborigines tell a creation story in which creation ancestors wandered the continent singing out the name of everything that crossed their path – birds, animals, plants, rocks, caves, desert brush, waterholes – … Using these sacred songlines, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People could travel great distances across the country. YouTube. I have found a couple of youtube videos that I will show my students to help explain the theme Songlines.

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