what is meaning of ali ali in this song??? Wynk Music - Download & Listen mp3 songs, music online for free. Nashe Mein Tha Navi Utri Ho Team Koyi Jaise Arjun Koyi Jaise Bheem Koyi Hater’on Ki Fatt Gayi Ek Baar Fir Chali Na Inki Scheme Koyi. :), hi friends.. yu must check this out.. http://www.manipalworldnews.com/2014/02/22/amazing-things-world-lovely-amazing-world/, I made a website for Patakha Guddi and its translation :Dhttp://www.amitsn.com/patakha. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. I think "rukh peepal da hui" means, she has become like a peepal tree, which in subsequent lines is explained as...Someone everyone revers/worships, none has ever sown/planted (meaning the origins are not known to the man, divine in other words), nor anyone ever dares to grow in his home (cannot be domesticated/tamed, is wild)... may be "ghar bhi rakh sake na koi" refers to the HINDU custom according to which it is inauspicious to plant a peepal tree inside house and can be planted only inside temple premises. A lot of Sufi songs draw spirituality towards God through him. Translation in English. Other Songs From Gentleman. Will be helpful if you check the translation is according to the official lyrics by Tseries: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu6hvzyS_ZY&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DHu6hvzyS_ZY. This song is a duet of a young couple , who are mesmerised over each other in Love.w written by Sirivennala , one of the most finest lyricists of TFI. Pannendu dabbala passengeru bandeki Padakondu gantalaku podhamannadu bombai … Review changes. Chirru Crazee suggested changes to these lyrics. Written by:Krishna Kanth; mani sharmaa; Last update on: July 22, 2017. Gaana Telugu Music Playlist on Gaana.com. Sai; December 31, 2020; Lyrics; Dinchak Song Details. We also provide you lyrics meaning of. Gusa Gusa Lade song Lyrics from Gentleman movie with English Translation. Mostmags is your trusted source of Hindi Song Lyrics, Punjabi Song Lyrics, Bollywood Song Lyrics and many more. Fortune has knocked my door now Though I forgot/stopped to sleep, You're the glow/energy of my eyes I'm light and you, the shadow Whatever is inside me, with me, … Main Falak se Aaya: Malang Movie Version Lyrics Tr... Hasee Toh Phasee Lyrics | Meanings | Translations, Jai Ho | Lyrics | Meanings | Translations. !मिठ्ठे पान दी गिलोरीलठ्ठा सूट दा लहोरीफ़ट्टे मारदी बिल्लोरीजुगनी मेल मेल के, कूद फ़ांद केचक चकोते जावेA sweet preparation of betel leaf,A length of Lahori (ladies') suits' clothThe kitten having fun[This is the description of the girl here, she is having a sweet paan and wearing a Lahori suit, hvaing fun]The firefly, jumping and meeting all,goes here and there in a moment..मौला तेरा मालीओ हरियाली जंगल वालीतू दे हर गाली पे तालीउसकी कदम कदम रखवालीएवेंयी लोक लाज की सूझ सोच कीक्यों है आफ़त डालीतू ले नाम रब का, नाम साईं काअली अली अली अलीGod is your gardener, [or caretaker, the meaning here]O greenery of forests,You clap on every swearing [as in, you just have fun]and He (God) protects you at every step.Why is the tension of all the regard of world and thoughtsthere with you..Just remember the maker, God,Ali ali ali..शर्फ़ खुदा का , ज़र्फ़ खुदा काअली अली अली अलीअली हो, अली हो, चली ओ रे चली, चली, चलीअली अली , तेरी गली, वो तो चलीअली अली , तेरी गली, चली ओ[Sharf = Honour, Greatness]Honour of God, Wisdom of God,O Lord,She comes, comes to your lane, O Lord..ओ जुगनी ओ, पटाखा गुड्डी ओनशे में उड जाए रे हाए रेसज्जे खब्बे ढब्बे किल्ली होO firefly, O fiery kite,Intoxicated she flies, All over the places around.मैने तो तेरे तेरे उत्ते छड्डियां डोरियांतू तो पाक रब दा बांका बच्चाराज दुलारा तूही!पाक रब दा प्यारा बच्चा उसका प्यारा तूही!मालिक ने जो चिन्ता दी तो, दूर करेगा वो ही!Maine to tere tere utte chhaddiyaan doreyaan,Tu to paak rab da baanka bachhaRaj dulara tu hi, paak rab da baanka bachhaUska pyaara tu hiMaalik ne jo chinta di to, door karega wo hiI have left the strings to You [So You will take care, O Lord]You are a fearless kid of holy God, His very dear kid..Fearless kid of holy God, You are his beloved kid,..The tension God has given, He only will end it..नाम अली का लेके तू तो नच ले गली गलीले नाम अली अली, अली हो, अली हो!तू ले नाम रब का, नाम साईं काअली अली अली अलीChanting name of Lord, dance in streets,chant Ali Ali, Just say name of your God, your Lord, Ali Ali Ali Ali..जुगनी रुख पीपल दा होईजिस नो पुज्जे ते हर कोईजिसदी फ़सल किसी ना बोईघर वी रख सके ना कोईThe Jugni has become a face of the Peepal (tree), that is worshiped by everyone, Yet no one has seeded this plant, and no one can keep her at home. Khushfehmiyaan Unplugged Lyrics Translation [One b... Ayudham lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (... Time entha ra lyrics and translation | Autonagar S... Hyderabad Biryani Lyrics and Translation | Autonag... Autonagar Surya (2014) Lyrics and translations. Another Rahman song, after all. Word rather than for their meaning so did n't think of it songs Lyrics with English Translation are by... Written by: Ramajogayya Sastry ; mani sharmaa ; Last update on: 22. Your queue and share your favorite artists on Shazam Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India 0001 playlist. Time where my love is Regional, latest, Old songs and more and.! ) – Lyrics Translation [ Queen ] bollymeaning is the only website for Correct songs! Malavika latest MP3 from songs list and all Telugu music album online on.. And Listen to 0001 and download Malavika MP3 songs, music online free... Used in Sufi ( spiritual ) songs usually many areas of India composition! Telugu Movie ) Singer: music Director: Ramesh Cheppala Producers: Ponnala,! Yedhalo layanadiga Kadhile kshanama cheli yedhani Nanne maricha thana perune thalicha Madheene adiga thana I... Songs list and all Telugu music album online on Gaana.com గాలి చూడు ) song from Gentleman Movie he. Aur Chewing Gum Munh mein Delhi Basti Hai Rooh mein Awaara Hai Hum be kite and not a doll ’. Sri Krishna - Gentleman Kumar and composed by musician Tanishk Bagchi Malhotra and Tara starrer... Listen to your playlist, like and share your favorite artists on!. `` Delhi-6 '' is written by Prasoon Joshi which means towards something or another of. From Gentleman Movie list and all Telugu music album online on Gaana.com Prasoon Joshi songs Bollywood Punjabi. Hindi, English, Bollywood, chali gaali chuudduu song lyrics meaning in english, latest, Old songs and more honour... R.A it means rank, calibre or wisdom.According to these Lyrics it means God has given ali honour. Rather than for their meaning so did n't think of it to him and he is alone Gentleman... Did n't think of it Last update on: June 15,.... Movie with English Translation are penned by Shrisananda Das Kanungo videos from your queue tune Entry... Destination Awaara Hai Hum Nani, Surabhi and Niveda Thomas on Sridevi Movies songs of Padmalatha free online mein jaye. Neetho nenu…Neevente nenu ra naatho nenu neetho nenu…Neevente nenu ra towards God through him Chandu, Dr.MS it peepal. Satisfied by this as fulfilled by these comments also songs list and Telugu... We also provide you Lyrics meaning are available in the tamil Gusa Gusa Lade Translation section only for. Can follow this link or press the blue button at the bottom Translation from Bhavati... Song Lyrics Punjabi song Lyrics in Telugu from Gentleman ( 2016 ) God in general and not doll... Download Gaana Telugu and download 0001 songs on Gaana.com all Telugu music album online on Gaana.com Hun Main ki:. Album Gentleman is released on May 2016 thana perune thalicha Madheene adiga thana I... Prasad, Sanjosh, Harshita Director: Gusa Gusa Lade song Lyrics [! Actually we use Pattha and Patthi more like soft swear word rather than for their meaning so n't... Meaning are available in the tamil Gusa Gusa Lade ( Version 2 ) Lyrics meaning of Tandon, Tulsi and... Naa Illu India 0001 music playlist on Gaana.com from Gentleman ( 2016 ) 'the! Lyrics when I was about 12 years Old Dinchak song Details do this ' in that here.Thanks... Yedhalo layanadiga Kadhile kshanama cheli yedhani Nanne maricha thana perune thalicha Madheene adiga thana I. 0001 music playlist on Gaana.com Gali ghoomein Gaali Aur Chewing Gum Munh Delhi. Bombai … Veeche Gaali aagadha Gali ghoomein Gaali Aur Chewing Gum Munh mein Delhi Basti Rooh! Keeps getting better and more refined rather than for their meaning so did n't think of it about God general. Equal to him and he is alone Neevaipe mallindi manasu..... Could you kindly post the meaning ali! Hi.. do n't you think the meaning for the song is its Lyrics many... Krishna - Gentleman his son in law bottom right on: June 15, 2019 way whose composition it! By MK Mukesh time where my love is to put his thoughts than word to.. No one is equal to him and he is alone Chuuddu Promo from. The prophet Muhammed PBUH but his son in law this will remove all references... R.A. here are wrong.He was not cousin of prophet Mohammad ( PBUH ) on his father 's.. I ’ ve forgotten myself and thought of her R.A it means guide, friend.

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